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bikeline Munich

At bikeline Munich we are a team of enthusiastic and experienced cyclists who favor the sporty way.
As road-racers and mountainbikers we love to give professional advice and like to find the perfect matching bike for you.
In this sense it is our aspiration to reach high aesthetically standards as well.
After all it is much easier to sweat in torture when you are riding a well fitted and appealing bike.
Visit our decent store and enjoy the graceful ambience while sipping a cup of italian espresso.
Purchasing a bicycle makes happy. Trust us.

bikeline Munich, your expert in race-, cyclocross- & gravelroad-cycles.

>>> bikeline would like to answer your personal wishes <<<

Email us ([email protected]) or call us (089 - 758 359).

Just visit our store for an individual advice:

Forstenrieder Allee 168a
DE-81476 Munich

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